Update from a Thriving former client!

Thrive With Kat just received this amazing update from a very Thrivey former client! Well done!

‘I wanted to write and tell you how I’m doing with Thrive and the emetophobia that I don’t have anymore! I’m feeling great and putting all the stuff I learned through Thrive into practice every day. A few anxieties sneak up on me from time to time but really I know how to deal with them now so they just get squashed!

I particularly wanted to tell you about a situation I found myself in a couple of weeks ago at work which I dealt with really well thanks to Thrive. My colleague had come into work really unwell. I was walking back up from the canteen with her but half way up the stairs she started going badly downhill and had to sit down and it was clear that she was going to be sick. Eeeek!! But, thanks to Thrive I stayed calm, resisted the temptation to run away and get someone 🙂, sat down and looked after her and shielded her from all the people going up and down the stairs and asked a couple of folk to get water/paper towels etc. I then took her up to the first aid room, stayed with her until she was feeling better then went off and told the rest of the team, got her stuff packed up then organised getting her home, including driving her car home. And all this without once washing my hands or freaking out in any way! Despite the very high chance of *contamination*!!

So that was pretty amazing, and even more than that was that I was OK afterwards, I calmly ate my lunch, and tea, and food the next day rather than starving myself. I challenged every single anxious thought (there definitely were some!) and did my best to turn it round. I armed myself with lots of things to say to myself in the middle of the night in case I woke up worried and just generally coped incredibly well. Yay!!

So thank you again for helping me to sort this out, my life feels so different now and although I still have some things to work on, I know that I just have to keep going and I’ll keep getting better’.