Children’s Mental Health Week

It’s Children’s Mental Health Week and today I’m sharing our Young Thriver of the Year Alice’s story. Alice’s mum contacted me as she was really struggling with emetophobia, which was negatively impacting on her education and friendships. Alice worked really hard and after completing The Thrive Programme has completely transformed her thinking and beliefs and is now thriving. Here’s what Alice’s mum Laura said about their journey to overcoming emetophobia.

‘The phobia took over everything and Alice was unable to enjoy any aspect of her life. She wore travel sickness bands 24/7 and begged me for travel sickness pills every day. Situations that she deemed dangerous were avoided and this included attending school. Alice was desperate to attend school and see her friends but she just found it too difficult. At her lowest point she was housebound and having several panic attacks every day. We tried all the usual routes to help her, taking her for CBT, attending CAMHS and consulting our GP. Nothing seemed to help and Alice was becoming more despondent.

I discovered The Thrive Programme and we started to have regular sessions with Thrive Programme Coach, Kat. I was inspired at how committed Alice was thriving and could see positive results straight away. Every week she challenged herself more and I could see her confidence starting to grow.

Fast forward a few months and Alice is a different child. Delighted to say that she is back at school full time, playing sports, shopping with friends, using public transport, eating out at restaurants, going to the cinema and sleeping well at night. Alice has taken control of her life and at 13 years old has shown a resilience and tenacity that I can only wish to have one day. Alice is an inspiration to others and has proved that you really can make positive changes to your mental health and thrive’.

If you are worried about a young person who is struggling with anxiety, fears or phobias, take a look at Success Stories to see other young people’s testimonials or Contact Me to arrange a free introductory session.

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