Tip No. 5: Stop Brooding

Do you often lie awake at night, unable to sleep because you’re worrying, analysing or constantly thinking about something? A brooding thinking style is characterised by frequent worrying, over-thinking, and going over the same thing in your head again and again.

You probably already know if you have this thinking style as you will habitually be thinking ‘What if….?’, imagining the worst case scenario over and over in intricate detail, and analysing every single option before making a decision.

Sometimes spending time thinking about a situation can be helpful, leading to creativity and new ideas. However, spending time looking at potential problems makes them seem bigger, scarier and more impossible to solve.

Brooding is about control: it feels helpful but it isn’t. It gives us the illusion that we are dealing with a situation when all we are doing is focusing all our attention on our problems, creating anxiety and stress. We tend to brood and worry when we feel powerless. If you work on building the belief that you can influence much of your life, you will start to feel more powerful and be less likely to worry about things.

Plus, have you noticed that when you are busy at work or school or with friends you don’t tend to worry? When you find yourself over-thinking (about emetophobia, lockdown or anything else) make a conscious effort to fully and actively engage with something else and you’ll soon break the cycle of worrying.

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