Tip No. 4: Mind Your Language

Our words and the language we use can play a huge part in shaping our thoughts, feelings and reactions. If the words we say to others, or we think to ourselves, are negative, dramatic, or catastrophic this leads us to create lots of stress, fear and anxiety.

Words also create and reinforce our beliefs, and our beliefs and thinking in turn affect our words. So if we constantly tell ourselves things like ‘being sick is the worst thing in the world’ we are reinforcing our belief that this is true, making it bigger and seemingly more difficult to change.

If you speak and think in negative words you will lower your mood, anticipate negative outcomes, make yourself stressed, reduce your self-esteem, increase your social anxiety, and contribute to your feelings of powerlessness. If you use and think in positive words you will feel powerful, anticipate positive outcomes, create less stress, increase your self-esteem, reduce your social anxiety and contribute to you feeling more powerful and in control.

Taking control of our language and self talk is something we can do at any time (even during a global pandemic). To start making a change think about the words and language you use over the next few days and note if this is positive and helpful. If not can you change it for something that is? Remember to think about your self talk, or internal voice, as well as the words you say out loud!

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