Tip No. 3: Look For The Positives

At times like these it can be difficult to see the positives, particularly when social media and news coverage constantly bombard us with negative and catastrophic headlines and stories. This, unsurprisingly, can lead us to think in less positive and powerful ways resulting in an increase in our unhelpful thinking. The good news is you can take control of this by limiting time spent ‘doom scrolling’ and choosing to focus instead on the positive things about yourself and your life. By making the choice to consciously look for the positives (no matter how large or small) you can change your attitude towards the day, the current situation, and how you view yourself. Try making a list of 10 positives each morning and set yourself up with a thriving, can do attitude for the day. Why not make number one on your list ‘I’m taking positive steps to overcome my fears and anxiety’.

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