Feeling S.A.D? 6 tips to Thrive your way through the winter blues


If ‘the Beast from the East’ is getting you down this week then read on for Thrive with Kat’s top tips to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder and winter depression…

How are you finding this week’s winter weather? With severe weather warnings, icy temperatures and ninja snow storms affecting much of the UK, it’s perhaps not surprising that people are more likely to report feeling miserable and depressed during the winter months.

Although it can be tempting to blame external factors like the weather for our mood, thoughts and feelings, this can lead us to feel powerless to change them for the better. By changing your thinking, you can transform your whole perspective, leading you to feel happier, more optimistic and better able to cope with challenges. We might not be able to change the weather or jet off to a sunny beach on a whim, but we can change our perspective and learn to manage our thinking better. With help from the Thrive Programme you can learn the skills, resources and self-awareness to do just this!

 In the meantime here are 6 top tips to help you feel less SAD

1.     Eat a rainbow – this is not the time to start a diet so much as to focus on ensuring that what you eat supports your body & strengthens your immune system. Eating a colourful selection of fruit and veggies will boost your mental wellbeing and your vitamin intake, especially mood-boosting B vitamins and D. Try cosy winter warmers like soup and casseroles for a hearty helping of feel good food.

2.      See a sofa-bound evening of mooching and misery on your horizon?  Why not turn this into an awesome winter’s evening of movies and munching instead. Time to embrace ‘cosy’ rather than lapsing into lethargy. Just remind yourself – it’s all about perspective!1

3.     Endorphins are the enemy of SAD! Get out there and get some exercise – you will thank yourself afterwards! Embrace your inner child this week and get outside for a play in the snow… or dust off the sledges and find the nearest hill! The endorphin release will help to raise your mood, and exercise in daylight is going to supercharge the benefits.


untitled.png 2

4.     Remember that all challenges can be reframed as ‘opportunities’ to change your thinking. So if you draw the curtains to find another grey and blizzarding day (and that’s likely), realise that this only has as much impact on your thinking as you allow it to.

5.     Stay social – although it’s tempting to hibernate until spring, hanging out with happy people will help to boost your mood, making it easier to manage your thinking, and keep perspective.


6.     Mind your language – what you say has a massive impact on how you think and visa versa. Use positive, empowering language and don’t let the media’s use of catastrophic hyperbole fuel your anxiety, and affect your mood.

Contact Thrive with Kat to find out more about beating the winter blues and learning to Thrive!


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