Life After Emetophobia!

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How The Thrive Programme Transformed My Life!

Thrive Holiday Image 2

This is me about to tuck in to some fabulous food on holiday last week. Pretty standard you might think, but if you have Emetophobia then trips like this can seem almost impossible. Before The Thrive Programme I hadn’t been on a proper holiday for over 7 years, largely as a result of Emetophobia.

Pre Thrive I would have spent the entire holiday worrying and quite frankly it wasn’t worth the anxiety. I’d have been panicked about flying (what if I was sick, or someone else was on the plane?), worried about the food, the water, catching something while I was out of my comfort zone, getting heat stroke… the list was endless.

Thrive Holiday Image 4

Post Thrive it’s a very different picture! I dealt with a small child throwing up (Exorcist style!) on the bus to the hotel without any stress, I ate meat cooked rare (before Thrive I was vegetarian because of food poisoning fears), had salad without worrying that it might be washed in water that could make me sick, went on a 4×4 bus tour on some of the twistiest roads I’ve ever seen and generally had an amazing worry-free holiday.

Thrive Holiday Image 3

None of this would have been possible without Thrive and I’m so happy that I found the programme and changed my thinking and belief systems for good! If Emetophobia, or other fears and anxieties, are stopping you from getting what you want to out of life then you can do something about today.

Contact Thrive with Kat for a free initial consultation and learn how to get Thriving!


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