7 Reasons Why The Thrive Programme Works Better Than Therapy

If you are considering undertaking The Thrive Programme you may be wondering what makes this life-changing course so significantly different from other interventions. The Thrive Programme is not just another type of therapy or treatment for a number of important reasons:-

Thrive Image - Woman Sunset

Thrive is flexible

You can work through The Thrive Programme from the comfort of your own home, with a friendly, trained consultant like myself, or via Skype and Facebook.

 Save time and money

With The Thrive Programme, there are no referrals, waiting lists or enormous bills to pay. In fact, the going through the entire Thrive Programme with a trained Thrive Consultant costs less than learning to drive.

Become your own expert

With The Thrive Programme, you’ll understand exactly HOW and WHY you are feeling better. You become the expert in understanding your thinking and emotions.

Change your ENTIRE life

Overcoming a specific symptom is only the beginning: knowing how to Thrive is the way forward. Don’t be surprised if you do The Thrive Programme to overcome a phobia and end up changing your entire life in ways you had never dreamt of!

Look to the future, not the past

The Thrive Programme is about looking forward, not looking back. Thrive helps you to move forward, feeling empowered and capable. Unlike therapy, The Thrive Programme is not focused on the past.

Memorable and easy to apply

The Thrive Programme is memorable and it makes sense. Leave every one of your sessions with your Thrive Consultant knowing exactly how to apply your learning and change your thinking.

See and feel results fast

The Thrive Programme is fast, and it works quickly. Most people completing The Thrive Programme see huge, life changing results in a matter of weeks. This is in contrast to the years of therapy, counselling or psychiatric treatment you might have already experienced.


To find book your initial free Thrive consultation, contact Thrive with Kat today.

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